• Maliha AFREEN Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Nigde, Turkey
  • İlknur UCAK Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Nigde, Turkey
  • M. Cüneyt Bagdatlı Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Department of Biosystem Engineering, Nevsehir, Turkey



Climate Variability, Aquaculture Production, Karachi, Pakistan


Aquaculture is a developing sector in Pakistan. Aquaculture based on river and seas and Pakistan has both these sources of water. In Pakistan Arabian sea exist in Karachi (Sindh) and Gwadar (Baluchistan). Karachi is a big city and known as backbone of Pakistan. There are two ports are available on Karachi coastline Karachi port and port Bin Qasim. Because Karachi is an industrial city so there are many climatic variability occur in Karachi due to global warming. Excretion of wastes in marine water also badly effected aquaculture production. Due to global warming there are many climatic factors can be changed including temperature, rainy days, humidity, precipitation and sunny days. Due to lack of rain Aquaculture also can be effected by drought in Karachi. In this article we observed effects of climatic changings on Aquaculture production in Karachi Pakistan. It was found that Precipitation have highest value of standard deviation as compared to all other varible factors. According to regression analysis values, it was concluded that only sunny days actual values are closer to predicted values to some extent.


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AFREEN, M., UCAK, İlknur, & Bagdatlı, M. C. (2022). THE ANALYSIS OF CLIMATE VARIABILITY ON AQUACULTURE PRODUCTION IN KARACHI OF PAKISTAN. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 9(8), 16–23.

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