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System, Analysis, Planning, Strategy, Economy, Technological Structure, Functions, Roles, Representation, Properties, Innovations, Elements


The paper discusses the strategic planning of the transition to the sixth technological structure of the economy; the object of the article is the sixth technological order in the national economy; the aim is to increase the effectiveness of strategic planning of development of the sixth technological order in the national economy; to achieve this goal the following tasks: a concept of "technological system"; describes the methodological principles of a scientific theory of technological structures; developed data grid technological structures; synthesized tables of the properties of technological structures; the table is formed of animation technologies of new and previous orders; it formed a methodology for strategic planning of the sixth technological structure; scientifically speaking, strategic planning, algebra, logic, analysis and synthesis, systematic approach, search and normative forecasting, heuristic forecasting, expert methods, logical and comparative analysis; the scientific novelty of the work is determined by the formation of the methodology of strategic planning of the transition of organizations to the sixth technological order in the national economy; the results of the work will be useful for various economic entities (the state, corporations, technology platforms, clusters, innovative firms).


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