• Agus Jamaludin Indraprasta Pgri University, Indonesia
  • Toto Widiarto Indraprasta Pgri University, Indonesia
  • Ani interdiana chandrasari Indraprasta Pgri University, Indonesia



Smooth Distribution, Customer Satisfaction


Distribution is an activity that must be carried out by every company in order to cause and guarantee the supply of products in the market so that people get, then in an effort to find and obtain products that are expected to fulfill some of their life needs. The purpose of this study was to determine how much influence the smooth distribution with customer satisfaction at PT Semen Tiga Roda. Distribution channels are a device that is interdependent in providing a product or service to be used or consumed by consumers or business users. Satisfaction is the feeling of being happy or disappointed someone who appears after comparing the performance (results) of the product that is thought of the expected performance. The population studied was 50 respondents and a sample of 20 respondents was taken with random sampling. The research method used is the library method and field method by means of questionnaire spread. The type of data used by the author is qualitative data originating from the questionnaire which then answers the respondents given a score so that it becomes quantitative data. From the results of these calculations obtained hypothesis test results, namely: Y = 18.28 + 0.43 X, r = 0.56, and t = 2.866. From the results of statistical calculations have obtained a correlation coefficient of 0.56, which means that the smooth distribution with customer satisfaction has a positive and very significant influence, while the coefficient of determination obtained at 31.36% turned out to be influenced by the smooth distribution of the good, the rest of 68.64% is influenced by other factors (returns, after-sales and services) that are not examined directly by the author. In the research hypothesis test also obtained the value of t count 2.866 greater than t table 2.101, with an error rate of 5% (0.05) then according to the applicable provisions means that Ha is accepted and H0 is rejected.


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