• Hao Liu Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical engineering, Keimyung University, Daegu (42601), South Korea
  • Jikai Bi Ph.D program, Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Keimyung University, Daegu (42601), South Korea
  • Jae-Cheon Lee Professor, Department of Mechanical engineering, Keimyung University, Daegu (42601), South Korea



Accelerated Aging Test, Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, Battery Internal Resistance, Test System Design, State Of Health (Soh)


Nowadays, Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various aspects, such as mobile electronic devices, mobility, EVs, and so on. Exactly to estimate State of Health (SoH) and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) becomes more and more necessary for realistic applications. Accelerated aging test can provide reliable experimental data for research of SoH estimation. An accelerated aging test system for a battery pack was designed in the research, which included hardware design and programming of test system control and monitoring. After establishment of the test system, several test cycles were implemented and the acquired data indicated that the developed aging test system worked very well and can be used for degradation experiment of the Lithium-ion battery pack in future work.


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Liu, H., Bi, J., & Lee, J.-C. (2022). CONSTRUCTION OF AN ACCELERATED AGING TEST SYSTEM FOR SERIES CONNECTION BATTERY PACK. International Journal of Engineering Science Technologies, 6(1), 32–40.