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It is well-known that the actual electric light does not originate in continuous enhancements in candle technology, Harari (1981) and required completely new people to study the phenomenon and develop the technology, having appropriate knowledge, equipment and market. There are revolutionary, “dis- ruptive” ideas that dye after patenting, mainly in USA, because local abundance of manufacturing technologies are missing and markets are unprepared to use the resulted products. This briefly may be stated that most of technologies are developed and consumed in about the same place and civilization,  because in that area the population is aware of the importance of novel technologies, prepared to use,  and provides all the needed resources to propel the idea to market in the shortest time, contributing to the welfare of society and its intelligent self-governance. In order to stimulate creativity and inventions, the local organizations have to provide centers for innovation that come at a cost barrier, in order to be proficient.


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