• Ankit Garg Research Scholar, Punjabi University, Patiala, INDIA




Brands, Franchise, Investment, Sectors


Franchise is an opportunity carrying huge growth potential, where an entrepreneur buys a proven business model and automatic recognition by paying a fee and a share in the revenue. To observe the current scenario of Indian Franchise, three prosperous brands i.e. Coffee day xpress, Goli vada pav, NIIT are studied thoroughly. The brands have been analyzed on various parameters i.e. investment, expected returns, presence, future business opportunity.. It has been found that more than 50 brands under a dozen of sectors are knocking on the doors of our country which includes foreign (Muffin Break, Yogen Fruz, Pollo Tropical, TM Lewin, Di Bella) as well as country brands (Shraman, Best Foods, Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda, Sportsfit). Moreover, the Coffee day Xpress (low-cost franchise) provides 20-30% returns on an investment of 2-5 lacs; Goli Vada Pav & NIIT also offers remarkable returns on an investment of 5-10 lacs and 15-20 lacs respectively. The research concludes that major sectors like F&B (Dunkin donuts, South Indies), Education (Beehive, Sesame street), Retail (KB fair price, LanMark), Lifestyle and health fitness (Puma, Talwalkars), offers high growth potential in the coming years in Indian market.


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