• Vinod-Kumar Banoth Eisenhuth GmbH Co. KG, Osterode, Germany
  • Martin Engelke Eisenhuth GmbH Co. KG, Osterode, Germany
  • David Fuchs Fakultaet Für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Lehrstuhl für Energietechnik, Duisburg, Germany
  • Thorsten Hickmann Eisenhuth GmbH Co. KG, Osterode, Germany
  • Falko Mahlendorf Fakultaet Für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Lehrstuhl für Energietechnik, Duisburg, Germany




Zinc Air Battery, Material Anode, Electrical Resistance, Copper Compound


Zinc airflow batteries are popular for large-scale energy storage due to their high-volume density, environmental safety, and economic feasibility of production and recycling. There is going to be a lot of research in order to realize a zinc-air battery as a secondary battery. One potential option in order to overcome this challenge is to use other anode materials, which are stable in the alkaline medium. The main objective of this work is to present the most influencing factors for the production of copper compounds with thermoplastic as binder and graphite as a secondary filler material. In addition, copper compounds are evaluated based on chemical and electrical tests.


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Banoth, V.-K., Engelke, M., Fuchs, D., Hickmann, T., & Mahlendorf, F. (2024). EX-SITU-EVALUATION OF NEW MATERIALS SUCH AS COPPER COMPOUNDS FOR ZINC-AIR BATTERY WITH THE AIM OF GETTING A SECONDARY ZINC-AIR BATTERY. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 11(3), 1–13. https://doi.org/10.29121/ijetmr.v11.i3.2024.1414

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