• Goharik Petrosyan PHD, Assistant Professor, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Yerevan branch, International Scientific Educational Centre of NAS RA, Armenian State Pedagogical University, Armenia
  • Artur Tadevosyan Phd, Assistant Professor, Armenian State Pedagogical University, Armenia
Keywords: American Corner, Various Meetings, Public Talks, SPSS, Social Analysis


Rapid social, economic, technological changes in the country leave their mark on each member of the society; alter their tastes, expectations, and needs. The visitors of the Yerevan American Corner are not an exception.  Thus, a necessity of a detailed analysis of the visitors’ demands and behavior arises, in order to amend or expand the realm of the service, to raise the popularity of the corner and to attract more visitors. With this purpose, we offer to conduct polls and interviews among users of the American Corner, to do a specific social analysis of programs and services. Overall, 550 people will take part in the survey. 
The analyses will help to understand the attitude of patrons, non-patrons and random visitors towards the Yerevan American Corner (its space, resources, activities, projects, services, technical devices, and staff). This will also help to evaluate the effectiveness of current activities and services, such as clubs, courses, public talks and various meetings.     


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Petrosyan, G., & Tadevosyan, A. (2020). SOCIOLOGICAL AND STATISTICAL ANALYSIS BASED ON SURVEY AT THE YEREVAN AMERICAN CORNER. International Journal of Engineering Science Technologies, 4(6), 39-48.