Medical Cloud, Healthcare Logistics, Crucial Factors, DANP


This study aims to investigate and explore the critical success factors which affect the integration of medical cloud and pharmaceutical logistics operations. To achieve research objective, we firstly collected the opinions of medical management experts through the process of the Delphi method, and then affecting the integration of medical cloud and healthcare logistics operations were screened and summarized. Secondly, the questionnaire was conducted and 11 experts’ assessments of the influence between every two factors were acquired. Furthermore, this study employed DANP to calculate the weight for each factor when there exists interaction relationship among the factors and to plot causal map. Reviewing the causal map and the weights for each factor, “To induct artificial intelligence (AI) into medical treatment” and “To develop intelligent healthcare logistics” are significantly higher than other factors in terms of total influence value, net influence value and relative importance. Our findings can provide hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as a basis in formulating cloud medical development strategy.


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