• Blaise Kevine Lenz Soronga Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy School, China Three Gorges University, 8 University Avenue, Yichang, Hubei province, China
  • Shayan Zafar Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd as a Program Engineer, China
  • Shi Shaowu Program Engineer at Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd., China
  • Binda Yumba Benjamin M.S in Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering at Hohai University, China



Distribution Network, Fault Detection, Matrix Algorithm, Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU)


The mathematical analysis and improvement of matrix algorithm based on FTU has been proposed to solve fault location problem in complex multi-source and multi fault distribution networks of power system. Based on the structural characteristics of the distribution system, a description matrix D is established by assuming the power sources and a positive direction and it derived from the correlation between the positive direction and different power lines. As a function of the fault current direction transmitted by the terminal power supply unit which is our feeder terminal unit (FTU), the fault information vector F is set up. By combining the description matrix D and searching for non-zero elements in the fault information vector, the fault location vector is discovered according to the fault location criteria. During the observation of the elements in the fault location vector, by analyzing we immediately found the location of the defect area. This algorithm can solve problems that cannot be completely solved by other algorithms, such as power terminal failures, ring network failures, and multi-source failures. This method does not require matrix multiplication or normalization. The widespread use of distributed generation (DG) has made the distribution network more complex, and it leads to the failure of the traditional matrix algorithm. Therefore, the matrix algorithm is further improved to adapt the complex characteristics of DG. Considering the accuracy, we avoid random search operations by filtering fault candidate scenarios based on fault confidence and Each algorithm run 100 times in a loop, and the average time taken for a single run is used as a measure of the computational efficiency of the algorithm. The matrix algorithm utilizes the information uploaded by FTU to SCADA to create network description matrix, fault information matrix, which are then used to obtain the fault judgment matrix for fault location and isolation and it proves that the algorithm judgment is effective.


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Soronga, B. K. L., Zafar, S., Shaowu, S., & Benjamin, B. Y. (2023). THE MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENT OF MATRIX ALGORITHM FOR FEEDER FAULT LOCATION BASED ON FTU IN THE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK. International Journal of Engineering Science Technologies, 7(2), 90–106.