• Corneliu Augustin Sofronie Phd, Principal Scientific Researcher, Training and Development Centre, PS,Bucharest, Sos Oltenitei, 36, Romania




Uncertainty, Man-Imperfect Being, Johari Cognitive Model, Mind-Reading Machine, Early Warning System


The contemporary world, say social scientists, is a continual triumph of the irrational. And researchers in the field of management, referring to the organizational man, find that today the individual behaves irrational rather than rational. The consequences of this social time are that no one finds their place, and depending on the degree of organization of a society this phenomenon is more or less accentuated. In societies in transition, for example, the phenomenon is even more pronounced, also due to the high level of uncertainty that exists globally, coupled with the absence of jobs, subsistence incomes and confusing hope. Mankind is in the state of AND-And. A bivalent state. It can mean complementarity and cooperation, but also opposition and competition between the two parties. In the latter case we are talking about the state of that AND which does not imply dynamic balance, complementarity but, on the contrary, instability, has pathological potential. Evil and Good are equal, with the obvious opposite. In such a state the image of the Good becomes vague. And Evil has already outlined a structure, it has a name. He is a Mr. Hyde who fights, within the same system, with Dr. Jekyll. Both Good and Evil have their own order, strongly signified. Life or death? Truth or Lie? Poor or rich? Honest or corrupt? What is in the mind of man? Our research, conducted over more than 20 years, has as its ultimate goal the creation of an Early Warning System on human behavior.


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