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The aim of the research was to evaluate students' reading patterns and how they affected their academic success. The research was carried out in the Khandwa District of Nimar's Eastern Region. The data was gathered using a questionnaire. The obtained data was quantitatively studied using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).The findings were presented in the form of graphs and charts. 100 of the 150 questionnaires circulated were filled and returned, accounting for 95.0 percent of the total. The results revealed that while the majority of respondents recognize the value of reading, 81.9 percent of respondents have not read a book or a piece of fiction in the last two semesters, and 62.0 percent of respondents still read to pass an exam.The study found that reading habits have an impact on academic success and that there is a connection between reading habits and academic achievement. The study suggested, among other things, that lecturers avoid handing out handouts to students and instead allow them to use the library for studying, and that the new method of grading students be reconsidered in terms of grading formulae.


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