• Houda Chakib Data4Earth Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences and Technics, Sulan Moulay Slimane University USMS, Morocco
  • Najlae Idrissi Data4Earth Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences and Technics, Sulan Moulay Slimane University USMS, Morocco
  • Oussama Jannani Data4Earth Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences and Technics, Sulan Moulay Slimane University USMS, Morocco




Wavelet Transform, RGB Color Space, YCbCr Color Space, Convolutional Auto Encoder, Image Compression


In recent years, image compression techniques have received a lot of attention from researchers as the number of images at hand keep growing. Digital Wavelet Transform is one of them that has been utilized in a wide range of applications and has shown its efficiency in image compression field. Moreover, used with other various approaches, this compression technique has proven its ability to compress images at high compression ratios while maintaining good visual image quality. Indeed, works presented in this paper deal with mixture between Deep Learning algorithms and Wavelets Transformation approach that we implement in different color spaces. In fact, we investigate RGB and Luminance/Chrominance YCbCr color spaces to develop three image compression models based on Convolutional Auto-Encoder (CAE). In order to evaluate the models’ performances, we used 24 raw images taken from Kodak database and applied the approaches on every one of them and compared achieved experimental results with those obtained using standard compression method. We draw this comparison in terms of performance parameters: Structural Similarity Index Metrix SSIM, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio PSNR and Mean Square Error MSE. Reached results indicates that with proposed schemes we gain significate improvement in distortion metrics over traditional image compression method especially SSIM parameter and we managed to reduce MSE values over than 50%. In addition, proposed schemes output images with high visual quality where details and textures are clear and distinguishable.


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