PIC Microcontroller, Load Cell, Gas Sensor, Solenoid Valve, Leakage Detection, Booking


LPG gas is primarily used for cooking in our country. This paper focuses on continuous monitoring, booking and leakage detection in household LPG cylinder. In this system we have used PIC 16F877A microcontroller, GSM SIM 800c module and ESP8266 for monitoring and detection purpose. If gas level goes low, it helps us to make automatic booking of new gas cylinder using GSM module. Gas level is monitored with the help of the load cell and the current level of the cylinder can be viewed at any time in our mobile phone with the help of mobile application. The gas leakage is sensed with the help of MQ-6 gas sensor. When any leakage is detected, it turns on the buzzer and also alerts the consumer through a message. An automatic closure of cylinder valve is done using a solenoid valve and exhaust fans are switched on. By detecting gas leakage, we can avoid accidents which causes damage to life and property.


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