• VershaBharadwaj Research Scholar, Swami VivekanandSubhartiUniversity, Meerut, INDIA
  • Dr. Javed Khan Associate Professor, Swami VivekanandSubhartiUniversity, Meerut, INDIA



Academic Libraries, Information behaviour, Technology

Abstract [English]

Information behaviour is also the term of art used in library and information science to refer to a sub-discipline that engages in a wide range of types of research conducted in order to understand the human relationship to information. Information seeking behavior refers to those activities a person engages in when identifying his or her own need for information, searching for such information in any way and using or transferring of information. 

The term information seeking often serves as an umbrella overarching a set of related concepts and issues. In the library world, discussions of database construction and management, community information needs, reference services, and many other topics resonate with the term.


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