• VarshaBharadwaj Research Scholar, Swami VivekanandSubharti University, Meerut,India
  • Dr. Javed Khan Associate Professor, Swami VivekanandSubharti University, Meerut,India



Information, Information Seeking Behaviour, E- Resources, Electronic Media

Abstract [English]

Information is recognized as a vital sources and the basic need, for the progress of humanity and the development of a nation, as a whole. The availability of information in the electronic media has created an opportunity for global access to information. An electronic resources is defined as a resource which requires computer access or any electronic product that delivers a collection of data, be it tats referring to full text data bases, electronic journals, image collection, other multimedia products numerical, graphical or time based, as a commercially available title that has been published with an aim to market and resources are basically distribution of information in any electronic form such as CD-ROM, flop disk or magnetic tape or a closes a computer network like and journals E-book etc. The full length article highlight the use of electronic resources in different fields, types of e-resources, purpose and advantages and disadvantages of e-resources in context of information seeking behaviour.


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