• Dr. Jorge Daher Nader Professor At The University Of Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Dr. Amelia Patricia Panunzio Professor At The University Of Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Dr. Marlene Hernández Navarro University of Zulia, Venezuela



Analyze, Productivity, Scientific, Dimension

Abstract [English]

The results obtained in the analysis of the two sub-dimensions of the dimension are exposed: scientific production In general, the scientific production dimension addressed in the sub-dimensions scientific productivity and scientific results obtained a mean and SD of 2.38 ± 1,171 and 2.75 ± 1,386 respectively, classified as a medium level according to the opinion of the teachers, according to the scale used for such purposes.


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Daher, J. N., Panunzio, A. P., & Navarro, M. H. (2020). ANALYZE SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION AT THE FACULTY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF GUAYAQUIL. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 8(9), 388–394.

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