• Abhilasha Jaiswal Researcher, Shaskiya Maharani Laxmi Bai, Kila Maidan, Indore (M.P.)



Techniques, Digital, Painting

Abstract [English]

As technology is evolving gradually from the ages, the human way of living and different types of arts have also influenced. In these days the old energy consuming process has got extent and a creative fusion of the two worlds of art and technology is prevailing. Inspiringly, the background medium of this force which is fast developing into an indispensable asset is the digital age of computer. It’s effect on the human life can be said to have secured unusual style in past 20th century, where the computer as a machine which uses codes and binary digits computerized to keep and achieve facts provided, were used in various ways to process easier the functions of particular absolutely necessary machines in human attempts to achieve a goal, until then it was done manually or by some other means.


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