• Abdal Gadir Yonis AlshaabTeaching Hospital - Khartoum Sudan
  • Professor. Dr. Al Safi Ahmed Abdallash MSc, PhD, Professor of radiology in college of medical radiological sciences, Sudan University
  • Dr.Mona Ahmed MSc, PhD, Associate Professor in Diagnostic Radiology in college of medical radiological sciences, Sudan University -Sudan
  • Dr. Ashraf Mustafa Mohammed Osman MBBSc, MSc, PhD, Consultant Sonologist in Sahiroon specialized Hospital& Al Zaitoona Specialized Hospital



Portal Hypertension, B-Mode Ultrasound, Schistomiasis, Portalvein

Abstract [English]

Peri-sinusoidal portal hypertension with frequent episodes of upper gastro intestinal variceal bleeding are hallmarks of hepatic-splenic schistosomiasis (Mansoni or Japonicum). This a prospective study compromise of 306 consecutive patients at North Gezira State between 2016 to 2019, aimed to characterize the portal hypertension &to minimize potentiallysevere and deadly complications. Using  B-mode grayscale ultrasound, The images done by portable Sono- Scape- A6 machine using convex probe with frequency range from 3.5 to 5 MHz and the data analyzed by SPSS version 15.The result showed that the majority of patients were male and portal hypertension had high incidence associated with peri portal fibrosis(schistosomiasis), the result also showed that : out of 360 patients under study, there were 209(58.1%) had portal hypertension, 106(29.4%) had PPF, and 45(12.5%) were normal patients.  The study concluded that the portable ultrasound machine is the most frequently used imaging modality to assess patients for the presence of portal hypertension especially in the endemic area.


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Yonis, A. G., Abdallash, A. S. A., Ahmed, M., & Mohammed Osman, A. M. (2019). CHARACTERIZATION OF PORTAL HYPERTENSION IN GEZIRASTATE (SUDAN) USING ULTRASOUND. International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 7(7), 30–38.

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