• Dr.K.Lenin Professor,Department of EEE, Prasad V.Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology,Kanuru, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh -520007, India




Simulated Annealing, Gravitational Search Algorithm, Optimal Reactive Power, Transmission Loss

Abstract [English]

This paper proposes Hybridization of Gravitational Search algorithm with Simulated Annealing algorithm (HGS) for solving optimal reactive power problem. Individual position modernize strategy in Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) may cause damage to the individual position and also the local search capability of GSA is very weak. The new HGS algorithm introduced the idea of Simulated Annealing (SA) into Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA), which took the Metropolis-principle-based individual position modernize strategy to perk up the particle moves, & after the operation of gravitation, Simulated Annealing operation has been applied to the optimal individual. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed Hybridization of Gravitational Search algorithm with Simulated Annealing algorithm (HGS), it has been tested on standard IEEE 118 & practical 191 bus test systems and compared to the standard reported algorithms. Simulation results show that HGS is superior to other algorithms in reducing the real power loss and voltage profiles also within the limits.


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