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Marketing, infringement, sponsorship, ambush, official, competitors

Abstract [English]

Ambush Marketing has broken the stereotypical notions of the 4P’S of marketing. It has branched marketing to a totally different arena of publicity without actually paying for it directly. This usually involves conducting of marketing campaigns that seek association with a given massive events without actually providing compensation to the organizer of the event, even though there is a corporate rival as a sponsor involved. Ambush marketing include sponsorship of the event's broadcast, aggressive sponsorship of various categories of an event, and the conducting of high-profile non-sponsorship campaigns timed to coincide with the event. The big question arises to its nature as a moral act for which several legal steps are also being taken. Nonetheless ambush marketing has given scope of visibility to many startups and not so wealthy companies to free ride on the official sponsors.  This research is undertaken after observation of the various sporting events which are the biggest playfield for its display. The data gathered herein is majorly secondary with help from various journals, magazines and search engines.


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