• Nahason Sitohang STIE YPBI, Jakarta, Indonesia




Work Environment, Employee Performance

Abstract [English]

Effect of Work Environment on Employee performance at PT. Abadi Motor Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to determine how much influence the work environment has on employee performance. The variable used is the variable X as an independent variable that is the work environment and the variable Y as the dependent variable that is, employee performance. Work environment that is something that is around workers and can influence them in carrying out the tasks that are charged, Performance is the result or level of overall success of a person during a certain period while the place that is the object of this research is PT. Abadi motor Indonesia The research method used in this study is qualitative. The sampling technique used in this study was a random sampling technique with a total sampling of 30 respondents. The results of the study are: Linear regression + y = 15.21 + 0.65 X, product moment correlation test of r = 0.70, this means that this study has a strong influence. Determination coefficient of 49.5%, this means that the work environment contributes to employee performance by 49.5% and the remaining 50.5% is determined by other variables not included in this study, hypothesis test t count = 5.245, and t table 2.048, then t count> t table means that there is an influence of the work environment on employee performance.


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