• Ali H. A. Al-Obaidly Elec. Power Dept., Public Authority for Applied Education and Training(PAAET), Kuwait
Keywords: DC Motor, Power Circuit, Control Circuit, Snabber Circuit, Interface Circuit


The aim of this research is to design a control power circuit which has the ability to operate the solenoid valve, the pump and the DC motor of the bottle filling machine. This circuit contains of three main parts the PIC16F876a, the Interface Circuit and the Snabber Circuit. The power circuit is supplied by 110 V. The (PIC 16F876a) is supplied by 5 V. The power switch MOSFET is supplied by 24 V. The Snabber Circuit and the interface circuit are designed in this research. The purpose and the role of the circuit and the Interface Circuit in the power control circuit are determined in this research.


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