• M. Noor Salim Mercubuana University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Rina Susilowati PT. Sato Label Indonesia, Bekasi, Indonesia
Keywords: Return on Assets, Current Ratio, Asset Growth, Firm Size, Capital Structure, Firm Value


This research aims to analyze the effects of profitability (ROA), liquidity (CR), assets growth, and firm size towards capital structure (DER) and the impact on firm value (PBV).This research uses secondary data from yearly financial statement of food and baverages companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange for period 2013-2017. The research design uses descriptive quantitative research and causality. Sampling method uses purposive sampling method, with some predetermined criteria, the number of sample is 17 manufacturing companies. The analysis technique used is panel data regression. The research results shows that the profitability (ROA) and firm size partially have negative effect and not significant on capital structure (DER). The liquidity (CR) and assets growth partially have negative effect and significantly on capital structure (DER). Then the capital structure (DER) partially have positive effect but not significantly influences the firm value (PBV). The profitability (ROA) partially have positive effect and significant on firm value (PBV). The liquidity (CR) and assets growth partially have negative and significant effect on firm value (PBV), and firm size partially have negative and not significant effect on firm value (PBV). Simultaneously profitability (ROA), liquidity (CR), assets growth and firm size effect on capital structure (DER). On the other side, simultaneously profitability (ROA), liquidity (CR), assets growth and firm size have effect on firm value (PBV).


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