• Dmitry Sukhanov PhD, ASK-MSC Company, Moscow, 117246, Russia
Keywords: Damascus Steel, Wootz Steel, Indo-Persian Steel, Bulat


It is established that the ancient knife blade belongs to the Eastern group of Indo-Persian steel type genuine Damascus steel with a pattern of "Kara-Taban", which literally means blackshiny. The methods of spectral, x-ray phase and optical analysis show that the genuine Damascus steel is a high-purity non-alloy high-carbon steel with a high content of phosphorus. It is revealed that phosphorus, having a high segregation coefficient of impurity contributes to the process of segregation of carbon in the process of crystallization of crucible ingots. The main physical and chemical factors influencing morphology of structure formation of genuine Damascus steel are revealed. It is established the relationship between the structure and the nature of the destruction of the genuine Damascus steel under impact load.


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Sukhanov, D. (2018). INFLUENCE OF PHOSPHORUS IMPURITY ON THE STRUCTURE AND NATURE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GENUINE DAMASCUS STEEL . International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5(4), 26-37.