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Shapeshifting Architecture, 4D Printing, Sustainability, Adaptive Architecture


In a world, where going sustainable became imperative, new approaches emerge every day in many disciplines to achieve it. The uprising approaches are usually a result of technological innovations and cultural/human factors. While their success and continuity depend greatly on the economic factor. Recently, experts called for a more dynamic architecture that adapts to users and environment, not only users adapting with, like in static architecture. As a result, shape-shifting architecture emerged. Hence, the study aims at investigating it and its role in enhancing and promoting sustainability, particularly in developing nations. The research discussion and findings provided a fulfilling overview of this trend. The study, which was substantiated by numerous case studies, classified shape-shifting architecture into two possible categories and four types. It was discovered that 4D (Dimension) printing can act as a great tool in developing two of its types; which are connected to shape-shifting materials. Finally, the results indicated that this architecture might encounter numerous issues if it were to be scaled up and implemented in developing nations.


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