Literature Review, Organizational Climate, People, Rule, Goal And Innovation Oriented Organizational Climate, Organizational Climate Dimension


Purpose - Organizational climate affects and influence the employees’ performance, motivation, and job satisfaction. The purpose of this research is to synthesize existing literature on organizational climate in order to broaden and clarify the scope of future research on the subject.

Methodology and Approach- For readers to obtain a better understanding of the idea, this study gives a thorough overview of existing empirical and conceptual research on organizational climate, as well as its outcomes and findings published in prominent peer-reviewed Business and Management Journals. The researcher has also explored the four dimension of organizational climate which include people-oriented climate, rule-oriented climate, result-oriented climate, and innovation-oriented climate, as well as the several other dimensions employed by the previous researcher to investigate the subject of organizational climate.

The Result and Findings - The findings of the previous studies were inconsistent, and contradictory. They have failed to recognize the problems with various types of organizational climate and its dimensions. The outcomes are presenting obstacles to organizations’ management and highlighting the disadvantage of failing to achieve a poLiterature Reviewsitive and healthy organizational climate. The results and findings of this study indicated different rationale on the subject as well as suggestion for a future research plan.

Uniqueness/Value- To create a good organizational climate, this study has proposed a potential research plan which will be not only useful to gain good climate but also maximize the benefits of a positive and healthy organizational climate. This research also adds theoretical ideas and perspectives to the mix, which will aid researchers in better understanding the concept and dimension of organizational climate.


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