• Dr. Balamurugan. G Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Anna University (BIT Campus), Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Senthoorya. R Student, Department of Management Studies, Anna University (BIT Campus), Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India




Covid Pandemic, Private College Faculty Members, Work-Life Balance, Stress


The Covid-19 impact was everywhere, which resulted in the closure of Schools and other educational institutions. Work life balance and stress are the main players in this situation, they are studied and analyzed precisely to understand the difficulties of the faculty members. When there is a imbalance in work-life balance, it will affect the satisfaction level of both personal and professional life, then it will cause low productivity and increase stress. Due to the pandemic, work from home method was implemented for many professions. By comparing IT sector work from home jobs, teaching profession has much difficulties. Educational institutions have the important responsibility to develop the nation by developing the students. Except educational sector other sectors have some period of time to operate their functions, but education sector should be sustainable in any situation to assure and secure the future of the nation. Initially, most governments have decided to temporarily close the educational institutions to reduce the impact of Covid-19. Later it was reopened, which increased the number of infection rates and then closed again.  This study was conducted to analyze the impacts faced by the private college faculty members in Tiruchirappalli district after the pandemic surge. By conducting this study, 140 responses were collected and analyzed using F test statistical tool.



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