• Mrs Latha AP Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Shalin Kumar Department of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Ronit Sachdeva Department of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Siddhartha Singh Department of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India



Blood Bank, Realtime Blood Bank Data Repository, Blood Donation, Hospitals, Blood Crysis, Blood Database, Blood Donation Events.


The real motive behind the Realtime Blood Bank Data Repository is to streamline and mechanize the way toward looking for blood if there should be an occurrence of crisis and keep up the records of blood givers, beneficiaries, blood gift projects and blood stocks in the bank. As of now, people, in general, can just think about the blood donation event occasions through traditional media means like radio, paper or TV commercials. There is no data with respect to the blood gift programs accessible on any of the gateway. With the manual archive, there are issues in dealing with the records. There is no concentrated data set of volunteer benefactors. Along these lines, it turns out to be truly dreary for an individual to look through blood if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. This task plans to mechanize the blood and contribute to the board framework in a blood donation centre to improve the record executives effectiveness because of the developed size of records of information.


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