• Mrs. Vaidehi M Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Alivia Pandit Students of Dept. of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Bhaskar Jindal Students of Dept. of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Minu Kumari Students of Dept. of Information Science and Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Rupali Singh Student



Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Machine learning, Blockchain, Long Short Term Memory(LSTM), Recurrent Neural Network(RNN), Prediction.


In this paper, we use the LSTM version of Recurrent Neural Networks, pricing for Bitcoin. To develop a better understanding of its price influence and a common view of this good invention, we first give a brief overview of Bitcoin again economics. After that, we define the database, including data from stock market indices, sentiment, and . in this investigation, we demonstrate the use of LSTM structures with the series of time mentioned above. In conclusion, we draw the Bitcoin pricing forecast results 30 and 60 days in advance.


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M, V., Pandit, A., Jindal, B., Kumari, M., & Singh, R. (2021). BITCOIN PRICE PREDICTION USING MACHINE LEARNING. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 8(5), 20–28.