• L .N. Bhagat Professor of Economics (Retd.) ; Former President, Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), India.
  • Sony kumari Ph.D. Research Scholar, University Department of Commerce and Business Management, Ranchi University , Ranchi , India.



Organizational Excellence, Measurement, India, Creteria, Public Sector Organization.


Organizational excellence is the most recognized organizational concept of the twenty first century. This study aims at exploring the criteria for measuring organizational excellence in the Indian context. The study is basically based on primary data collected from a sample of 50 executives using structured questionnaire. Judgment sampling technique is used for conducting the survey. The five point response category of Likert type has been employed to examine the responses of respondents. The percentage of respondents responded against each response category has been used to measure the extent of positive, neutral and negative responses. The data sorted out and Cronbach’s alpha computed using Excel-07 and SPSS-20. The response analysis indicated that the organization under study has achieved satisfactory level of organizational excellence at the present time. The results are quite consistent to the saga of the organization. The study emphasizes the need for long-term strategy for achieving the goal of sustained excellence of the organization. Key contribution and limitations also indicated.


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