• Haimanot wassie
  • Animut Getahun Debre Markos University, Ethiopia



Ethiopia, Ethiopianism, Nationalism, Play, Tsegaye Gebremedhin, New Historicism, Unity, Patriotism, Hospitality, Freedom And Independence, History, Ethnicity


The main objective of this research was to show the representation of Ethiopia and Ethiopianism in Tsegaye Gebremedhin’s selected historical plays (Tewodros, Petros Yachin Seat and Menelik). The basic research questions focused on how the depiction and representation can be explained and to answer these questions, new historical theoretical and critical approach was used. A purposive sampling method was used to select the sample plays that offer relevant data by using some criteria. The main method of data collection focuses on a close reading of literary and non-literary texts. After reading the plays critically, the major elements of Ethiopianism and historical events are identified, analyzed and interpreted. Accordingly, patriotism, unity, hospitality and freedom and independence were identified as elements of Ethiopianism, and the passion of Abune Petros, Tewodros at Meqdela and the battle of Adwa are identified as major historical events. The analysis mainly shows that these elements of Ethiopianism and historical events are depicted in the plays positively to promote the prevalence of Ethiopianism. The plays used direct, indirect and symbolic way of expression to articulate Ethiopianism. Generally, the plays are written based on the actual historical events which possess the mentioned elements of Ethiopianism and these elements are depicted in a way that advocates the need to develop the sense of Ethiopianism than ethnicity.


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Secondary Sources


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