• Dr. K. Ganesamurthy Project Director-ICSSR & Assistant Professor Department of Corporate Secretaryship Alagappa University Karaikudi-Tamilnadu
  • Dr. A. Morarji Project Co-Director-ICSSR & Professor Department of Corporate Secretaryship Alagappa University Karaikudi
  • Mrs. N. Shanmuga Priya Project Assistant -ICSSR Department of Corporate Secretaryship Alagappa University Karaikudi



Electrical Energy, Agriculture, Energy Consumption, Energy Utility, Renewable


In India, the sources of energy availability to the human development has been advocated since independence, so much so that the adequate quantity and quality of electricity, and measured by per capita consumption, is associated in most economies as a key Human Development Index. It is expected that the nation, which is already in the forefront of urbanization and industrialization in the country, proposes to be a global hub of manufacturing. Such a vision, if continued by successive governments, will leads to a scenario where the demand for electricity is most likely to increase year after year for decades. This Paper attempts to identify the sources of electrical energy in India. The growth of agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors has been possible to modify the energy in every year and also utilization of new technologies in their production. As a result, the electrical energy is leads to greater importance for agriculture and farmers have better control over the availability of energy for productive oriented. Based on the utilization of the energy the audit reports of various departments such as agriculture, corporate and Government etc., and electric utilities are some time at variance in all field. This paper highlights the need for the electricity and strategy for optimum utilization of resource like electrical energy and renewable energy in India and it’s bringing into the plan of action to the corporate and government in India for sustainability.


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