• Sunny Pannu Department of U.I.E.T, MaharshiDayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana 124001
  • Meenakshi Ahirwar Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Rishi Jamdigni T.I.T&S, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021
  • B. K. Behera Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi




Spandex Denier, Stretch Properties, Physical Properties, Shrinkage, Core Spun Yarn


The woven fabrics containing cotton/spandex core spun yarns possesses very vital properties of stretch, recovery and thus shape retention from the view point of wearing comfort and garment appearance. Spandex present in the core of core spun yarn is the most essential performer behind these properties. An attempt is made in this research work to study the influence of changing spandex denier in core spun yarn on the stretch and functional properties of stretch woven fabrics. The sole objective of this study is to find out whether different stretch, shrinkage and physical properties of stretch woven fabrics depend upon changing spandex percentage achieved by means of change in spandex filament denier. It was observed that by increasing denier of spandex in core spun weft yarns the increase in weft shrinkage diminishes. Dual core weft with spandex provides good elongation percentage and recovery percentage. The fabric with higher denier spandex in yarn shows a decreasing total hand values trend for summer and winter. The results depicts that the fabrics have higher THV for winter suiting fabrics as compared to summer suiting thus are more suitable for the winter wear.


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