• Dr. Itikela Shyam Sundar Associate Professor, Nigama Engineering College, Karimnagar, Telangana, India.



Demonetization, Digital Payments, Adoption Behaviour


This research investigates the differences in the technology adoption behaviour of customers of Indian banks during the pre and post demonetization phase. The Survey results of 200 bank customers in India find that the Indians are still holding back from embracing the digital platforms to make payments. The study could not establish the constructive effects of demonetization in e-banking adoption behaviour, despite the significant growth in the use of small digital payment platforms like Paytm. However, the usage of Point of Sale (POS) machines for transacting payments has increased tremendously. The research finds drastic reductions in the use of other e-payment modes during and after demonetization. In that sense, the study concludes that the demonetization negatively affects the technology banking adoption behaviour of customers of Indian banks.


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