• Tran Thi Thanh Department of Computer engineering, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Thai Nguyen, 250000, Vietnam




Recommender Systems, Movie Recommender Systems, Information filtering, Data


The rapid growth of data collection has led to a new era of information. Data is being used to create more efficient systems and this is where Recommendation Systems come into play. Recommender systems are among the most effcient tools for information filtering to improve the quality of search results and provide items that are more relevant to the search item or are realted to the search history of the user, especially from big data on Internet. Among those, movie recommendation systems are the useful tools to assist users in classifying them with similar interests. This makes them a central part of websites and e-commerce applications. This paper aims to describe the implementation of a movie recommender system built on the Wordpress platform to be able to take advantage of the plugin support system and outstanding management and statistical features. The obtained results indicate that the proposed approach may provide high performance regarding reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Moreover, the user-friendly interface and suitable display for devices ranging from desktop to mobile devices are also the advantages.


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