• Mr.A. ARISTATIL Research scholar, Department of Mathematics, SPIHER, Avadi, Chennai-54
  • Mr.M.V.SURESH Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, SPIHER, Avadi, Chennai-54



degree, capriciousness, Eccentric-network record ξ(G), Eccentric availability polynomial ECP(G, x), Connective Eccentric list Cξ (G), precious stone cubic carbon


Chemical diagram hypothesis fathoms the essential properties of a nuclear chart. The sub-nuclear outlines are the charts that are involved particles called vertices and the covalent bond between them are called edges. The unusualness ɛu of vertex u in a related diagram G, is the partition among u and a vertex farthermost from u. In this article, we consider the valuable stone structure of cubic carbon and enrolled Eccentric-network list ξ(G), Eccentric availability polynomial ECP(G, x) and Connective Eccentric list Cξ (G) of pearl structure of cubic carbon for n-levels.


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