• Pankaj Kumar Mishra Department of Applied Physics, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University, Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior, India



Novel, Microelectronics, Nano composites


The effect of polarization time on the space charge relaxation behavior of pure and nano ZnO doped PVK samples has been studied. The study has been carried out by thermally stimulated depolarization current patterns of electrets formed by polarization method at 350 volts field strengths at 40◦C to 70◦C with constant heating rates. The results obtained show the shift of the TSD peak position towards lower temperature ranges. Decrease in activation energy was observed corresponding to the increase in polarizing field. The intensity of the peak maxima results in being a good indicator of the trapped carrier number evolution. For high temperatures and high electrical fields the saturation of the phenomenon is achieved faster, which is attributed to facilitated carrier mobility.


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