• Amit Yadav Faculty of Engg, DEI Dayalbagh, Agra, India
  • Abhijeet Agawal Faculty of Engg, DEI Dayalbagh, Agra, India
  • Pramod kumar Faculty of Engg, DEI Dayalbagh, Agra, India
  • Tejaswi Sachwani Faculty of Engg, DEI Dayalbagh, Agra, India



Fire Detection, Artificial Neural Network, Simulation, Back Propagation, Intelligent Fire Alarm


Fire detection system and fire warning are design features of an aircraft. Fire detection system protects the aircraft and passengers both in case of actual fire during flight. But spurious fire warning during flight creates a panic situation in flight crews and passengers. The conventional fire alarm system of an aircraft is triggered by false signal. ANN based fire detection system provides real observation of deployed zones. An intelligent fire detection system is developed based on artificial neural network using three detection information such as heat (temperature), smoke density and CO gas. This Information helps in determining the probability of three representative of Fire condition which is Fire, smoke and no fire. The simulated MATLAB results Show that the errors in identification are very less. The neural network based fire detection system integrates different types of sensor data and improves the ability of system to correct prediction of fires. It gives early alarm when any kind of fire broke out and helps to decrease in spurious warning.


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