• Divya Gautam



Securing Mobile, Network, Cloud Environment


Securing mobile adhoc networks and cloud environment in opposition to denial of service attack by examine and predict the network traffic. DDoS attacks are most important threats next to the accessibility of cloud services. Prevention mechanisms to protect next to DDoS attacks are not forever efficient on their own. Unite dissimilar method (load balancing, throttling and Honey pots) to build hybrid defense method, in meticulous with dissimilar cloud computing layers, is extremely recommended. In this paper, a variety of DDoS attacks have been presented. We as well highlighted the defense methods to counter attack dissimilar types DDoS attacks in the cloud environment. This paper proposes SVM-based algorithm to anomaly intrusion detection. A multiclass SVM algorithm with parameter optimized by PSO (MSVM-PSO) is accessible to find out a classifier to detect multiclass attacks. This paper will extend the proposed techniques to new computing environments Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks to detect anomalous physical or virtual nodes.



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