• Devansh Sinha
  • Mohit Vyas
  • Sanjay Singh Kushwah



Dielectric Resonator Antenna, Wireless Application, Co-Axial


In this paper a Dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) consists of a rectangular geometry and a printed rectangular patch on top of it in order to achieve better performance and operation without significant increase in antenna size. DRA structure is proposed at a height of 2 mm from the ground plane and patch incorporated at the height of 3.638 mm. This work is mainly focused on increasing the potential parameters of DRA and analyze high frequency band. The proposed antenna is designed to resonate at 25 GHz and by varying the DRA size ‘a, then the simulated results shows variation in Return Loss. The impedance bandwidth of the DRA (23.417 GHz-26.961 GHz) and return loss is 26.543951dB.The proposed DRA is analyzed and design using CST-MSW (2010). The simulated result shows the Far field, smith chart. We have estimated the wavelength, frequency, bandwidth, Return loss and directivity.



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Sinha, D. ., Vyas, M. ., & Kushwah, S. S. (2018). DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF DIELECTRIC RESONATOR ANTENNA (DRA) WITH CO-AXIAL PROBE FOR WIRELESS APPLICATION. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5(2), 75–83.