• Ashutosh Barua
  • Arvind Kumar Jain
  • Pankaj Kumar Mishra



Microgrid, Control, Renewable


Utilization of distributed energy resources and power stability related problems are becoming of most importance in the pursuit for a more sustainable power system. Microgrids (MGs) could contribute significantly to both issues and may play an important role in the new decentralized paradigm of power systems, microgrid with distributed generation is playing an essential role in fulfilling this increasing demand of power. Microgrid comprises of distributed generators, batteries, connected loads and electronic interfaces. In the current scenario distributed power generation which consists of a diesel generator with renewable are widely used. Microgrid with Solar is the most commonly used renewable power source of power generation in distributed generation.

Motivation/Background: This paper reviews the Importance of microgrid its advantages over conventional grid, Issues, control and energy management aspects of microgrid have been reviewed.

Method: Give a short account of the most important methods used in your investigation.

Results: Various elements in the microgridsposses potential to coordinate with other element using a hierarchical architecture and suitable communication system with the controllers connected with each of the element

Conclusions: The modern microgrids with renewable interconnections possess high potential to meet the growing demand of power.



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