• Shetty Sagar
  • Hajare Rohit
  • Gupta Kriti
  • Bhagat Namrata



UWB, Microstrip Patch Antenna, Operating Frequency, Communication Devices


Ultra-wideband wireless communications techniques have many merits, including an extremely simple radio that inherently leads to low-cost design, large processing gain for robust operations in the presence of narrowband interference, covert operations, and fine time resolution for accurate position sensing. However, there are a number of challenges in UWB receiver design, such as capturing multipath energy, inter symbol interference especially in a non-line-of-sight environment, and the need for high-sampling-rate analog-to-digital converters. Microstrip Patch antenna (MPA) provides low profile and low volume, so it is use in a now a days communication devices. In this paper study of past few year shows that most of labour on MPA is targeted on planning compact sized microstrip antenna. A novel ultra-wideband printed monopole antenna can be used in wireless communication devices.


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