• Abhishek Bajpai
  • Dr. Sanjiv Sharma



Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Map Reduce


As the Volume of the data produced is increasing day by day in our society, the exploration of big data in healthcare is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Now days, Big data is very popular buzzword concept in the various areas. This paper provide an effort is made to established that even the healthcare industries are stepping into big data pool to take all advantages from its various advanced tools and technologies. This paper provides the review of various research disciplines made in health care realm using big data approaches and methodologies. Big data methodologies can be used for the healthcare data analytics (which consist 4 V’s) which provide the better decision to accelerate the business profit and customer affection, acquire a better understanding of market behaviours and trends and to provide E-Health services using Digital imaging and communication in Medicine (DICOM).Big data Techniques like Map Reduce, Machine learning can be applied to develop system for early diagnosis of disease, i.e. analysis of the chronic disease like- heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The analysis on the data is performed using big data analytics framework Hadoop. Hadoop framework is used to process large data sets Further the paper present the various Big data tools , challenges and opportunities and various hurdles followed by the conclusion.



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