• S Radhakrishnan PhD Research Scholar, PRIST University, Thanjavur 613403, India
  • Dr K G Selvan Associate Dean, PRIST School of Business, PRIST University, Thanjavur 613403, India




Productivity, Accountability, Motivation, Training, Supply Chain Management


The Construction Industry, which was badly hit by the demonetisation, is getting back to normalcy with construction activities coming up in full swing. Chennai City and its outskirts are buzzed with building work from small apartments to tall towers. Next to agriculture, construction industry is the source of employment for a large number of people, mostly uneducated. The piquant situation is that in some parts of the state the activities have come to a “slow going” due to paucity of river sand and whereas in the City and its outskirts, the work is going on uninterrupted. While the small builders are worst hit by the non-availability of river sand, the big builders manage the activities. The reason is that they have rate contract with two to three large suppliers for sand. Moreover, they are also using M Sand in the construction activities.


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The small builders, in their own interest, follow the Big Builders in ensuring safety parameters, compliance with statutory regulations and timely availability of materials.

The plan approved must be followed with total adherence throughout the construction.

No repeat work should be entertained. This silently leads to poor productivity. No labour is interested to do the same job again, even if they are paid for the same. Another important thing is that a rework erodes the profitability of the builder. Frequent reworks weaken the structure too.

While the large scale builders are always fully equipped in all aspects, the small builders must bear in mind the following to have full labour productivity.

The labour force should be committed in their work. They must be given freedom of operation. While supervision is a must, it should not be to the extent of irritating them. An irritated worker cannot show full productivity. In fact, it will have negative impact.

Before start of the work, all materials must be made available.

Safety measures should not be compromised upon, as construction activities are always risky.

The Site In Charge/Supervisors must be Enablers and expert in Motivation.




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