• Brijesh Pare Laboratory of Photocatalysis, Department of Chemistry, Govt. Madhav Science P. G. College, Vikram University, Ujjain- 456010, India
  • Vaishali Joshi Laboratory of Photocatalysis, Department of Chemistry, Govt. Madhav Science P. G. College, Vikram University, Ujjain- 456010, India
  • Satish Piplode Laboratory of Photocatalysis, Department of Chemistry, Govt. Madhav Science P. G. College, Vikram University, Ujjain- 456010, India




Photocatalysis, operational parameters, wastewater remediation, Solar light, BiOCl nanoplates, XRD, HR FESEM


This work is devoted to the study of the effects of various operational parameters such as
H2O2, K2S2O8, NaCl, Na2CO3, FeCl3, Fenton’s reagent, O2, N2 purging, effect of other
photocatalysts on the photocatalytic degradation of toluidine blue dye by as synthesized nano
BiOCl under solar light in following conditions pH= 11, catalyst loading= 30 mg/100ml and
initial dye concentration= 4 × 10-5 mol L-1
. Nano BiOCl was prepared by a simple hydrolysis
method at room temperature and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and High
Resolution Field Emission Scanning Microscope (HR FESEM). XRD pattern suggested that
the synthesized nano BiOCl was highly pure and crystalline, SEM images depicted the
platelike morphology of nano BiOCl. The average particle size of nano BiOCl was obtained as
45 nm. It was observed that these operational parameters greatly influenced the rate of
photocatalytic degradation. The optimum concentrations of oxidants, salts, FeCl3 and
Fenton’s reagent for photocatalysis of toluidine blue have also been obtained.


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