• Dr. Nazem M. M. Malkawi Associate Professor, Business College, Jadara University, Irbid, Jordan



Electronic Human Resource Management, Organizational Excellence, Social Security Corporation- Jordan


This study aimed to know the role of electronic human resource management on organizational excellence at Social Security Corporation- Jordan. In order to complete this study, a questionnaire was prepared and distributed to (97) middle and senior management levels in the institution, from which (82) valid questionnaires were recovered for analysis. The study concluded with some results, the most: Social Security Corporation- Jordan use electronic human resource management at high rates, organizational excellence also high, there is a significant statistical effect of electronic human resource management on organizational excellence as a whole and on all its indicators in Social Security Corporation- Jordan. At the end researcher recommended Social Security Corporation to expand using electronic human resource management at all levels and functions of the corporation, reinforce exploiting electronic human resource management in organizational excellence with all its areas, and aware employees at Social Security Corporation about how to achieve organizational excellence by adopting electronic human resource management applications.


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