• Mohammed Mamun Rashid Programme Manager- Civic Engagement Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)
  • Fatema Johara PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, 2. Assistant, Professor, Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology, Comilla Cantonment, Comilla. Bangladesh



Bangladesh, Corruption, Good-Governance, Institutional Integrity, Trust, WellBeing


This paper highlights the view that corruption can be combated if institutional integrity can be put into practice, i.e. ‘institutional integrity’ has been considered as a key strategy to curb corruption. Based on literature review, the authors explain argument in three sections: in the first section, the article focuses on conceptualization of corruption, corruption & institutional integrity. In the second section, the article examines integrity-governance-corruption nexus in Bangladesh. Finally, it outlines initiatives of Government of Bangladesh (GoB) for curbing corruption with concluding remark.


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