• Anita Kumari MTech Scholar, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering PPIMT, Hisar (Haryana), India
  • Neeraj Verma Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering PPIMT, Hisar (Haryana), India



Huge Statistics, Big Data Analysis, R Studio


A larger amount of data gives a better output but also working with it can become a challenge due to processing limitations. Nowadays companies are starting to realize the importance of using more data in order to support decision for their strategies. It was said and proved through study cases that “More data usually beats better algorithms”. With this statement companies started to realize that they can chose to invest more in processing larger sets of data rather than investing in expensive algorithms. During the last decade, large statistics evaluation has seen an exponential boom and will absolutely retain to witness outstanding tendencies due to the emergence of new interactive multimedia packages and extraordinarily incorporated systems driven via the speedy growth in statistics services and microelectronic gadgets. Up to now, maximum of the modern mobile structures are especially centered to voice communications with low transmission fees.


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