• Mohamed M. M. Amin Professor of Hydraulics, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt
  • Medhat M. H. ElZahar Associate Professor of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt



Discharge Lines, Economic Considerations, Pipe-Nozzle Diameter Ratio, Free Jets, Pipe Cost Function


The present study focuses on finding an economic design of nozzles used in water discharge lines. An analytical solution is reached for computing the economic pipe-nozzle diameter ratio achieving the minimum pipe cost using the derivative method. The derived equation shows that at a particular pipe-nozzle diameter ratio, the pipe cost CP is minimum. However, this is evident from the worked illustrative example. On a comparison basis between this equation and the conventional one, the derived equation shows a satisfactory reduction in the pipe cost, which may reach 56.7%. It is of great interest to recognize that, by increasing the relative distance to 400, a reduction in pipe cost of 231 % associated with an increase in the power of the jet by 41.5 %, are verified. Also, the derived equation achieves a reduction in pipe cost ranging from 34 to 39.7 % depending on the frictional effects in the approach pipe. The study reflects the reliability of the derived equation in computing the economic pipe-nozzle diameter ratio used in discharge lines delivering free jets. However, there are many engineering applications of water jet nozzles used in; water filters, flotation tanks, sedimentation tanks, water storage tanks, trickling filters, and other units of water and wastewater systems.


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Amin, M. M. M., & ElZahar, M. M. H. (2022). ECONOMIC DESIGN OF PIPE-NOZZLE DISCHARGE LINES DELIVERING FREE JETS. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 9(10), 10–25.